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HOLD THAT THOUGHT Exhibition Issue
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It all started with my bachelor project. Issue 1 and 2 of HOLD THAT THOUGHT Magazine - the prototypes - can be viewed below or on newspaper club. 5 signed copies of each Issue are also up for sale now! If you are interested in purchasing one (15€ ), write an email to

The initial magazine (a broadsheet) consisted of two newspapers per issue: one for introducing the topic and to inspire by showing different approaches to the subject from all kinds of mediums and artists; the second one was taking a closer look at two selected artists (a stranger and an alter ego of mine), showcasing individual pieces of work and an artwork we created together + an interview giving insights about our thoughts on the collaboration.

This has since changed slightly. The project has become a community as much as an artwork in itself. It is a personal reflection of behavioural patterns, giving insight of me as an artist, showing thoughts and work in progress. The alter egos that came to life during the development of the project allow me to follow ideas and thought processes that would otherwise remain unused. Together with these characters and guest artists, every issue shows a collaboration where diverse approaches clash to create a unique piece of art by two complete strangers, thus creating a challenge and allowing us to develop our art practice. 

Read more about the concept here

If you would like to collaborate with me and be featured on our website/tumblr drop me a line – I am always looking for creatives!


Deja vu / Patterns / Sense of time
Featured Artists: Julian Behrenbeck and Michaela Leithe

Issue 1


Self-censorship / Aspirations / Privacy
Featured Artists: Stefanie Thiele and Kai Jonas Jüttner