The Plan


The title of this publication is key: holding thoughts – being more selective about what we share and what we keep private. Choosing which plans we turn into physical work and which will remain flickers of ideas in our sketchbooks or don’t even make it out of our heads onto a piece of paper at all. We want to stay open for new ideas. We want to embrace opinions that differ from our own and take on/give out advice and constructive criticism – or in one word: communicate. The magazine's content is all about the importance of communication and privacy. In this day and age, social media is making it easier than ever to publish every thought that crosses our minds. But when is it better to keep your mouth shut – your thoughts to yourself? And when is it worth it to lose control and burst out your rawest, uncensored opinions to provoke certain emotions and reactions?

The american art dealer Paul Klein once said: “Art is subjective. How people respond to your artwork is an emotional, visceral, personal experience that they have. [You don’t need to train to become better than somebody else.] What you need to train to do is to be more yourself.”  Art is communication. Art is meeting people. Art is hating and loving. All of this needs space. It needs a 3D environment where it can cast shadows and reflect light, where it can get praise and accumulate resentment. We all know that it can be hard to fit in the time for a gallery visit. At the same time, not all art can or should be put in a gallery. With HOLD THAT THOUGHT I wanted to create a “takeaway-space” to showcase artwork. A publication that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you choose to. A publication, that leaves you thinking about what you saw and that makes you take the time to form an opinion for yourself in the hope it will inspire and start real debates, whether in your own head or with other people, outside of the influential environment of the internet. We are a community, encouraging young artists to give each other and our work the time, space, thought and thus the respect it deserves.

HOLD THAT THOUGHT Magazine is a collection of collaborations and personal work on changing topics, published in irregular intervals in form of a newspaper. The magazine lives off  self-doubt, reinvention, contradiction and adaptation. It is a collection of ideas and thoughts and their outcomes and reception. Together with two alternating artists from diverse artistic fields, I explore photography, film, painting, illustration, sculpture, installations and the written word. Our aim is to inspire and grow by challenging ourselves to work with new, formerly unknown mediums, techniques, topics or work environments. It is about diversity, having opinions of our own and standing up for what we believe in. We are creators. We don’t sit around waiting for things to happen – we make them, rephrase them, paint on top, scratch off, until we create something original that has some sort of effect on our audience, something that makes them think. The quality of the newspaper allows not just the artist, but the artworks themselves to interact with each other. The medium and lack of subtitles allow for free interpretation by the reader.